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DNS wildcards on cpanel for wordpress mu

How to add a wildcard entry so your wordpress mu subdomains resolve correctly

If you want to use sub domains for your wordpress mu blogs you are going to need to add a DNS wild card to get it to work. Thankfully if your host provides cpanle there’s a really easy way to do this. Here’s a screencast showing you how.

[screentoaster stUk9RREZIR11bSF5aXl5YVFZT]

Shopify : The current tag as a title


Using tags in Shopify to create nested navigation is a greatĀ  way to help customers find products but once they’ve browsed to the tag page you need to let your customersĀ  know what they’re looking at. A collection has the following property for this : –

{{ product.title }}

That works well for collections but tags are slightly different firstly a tag doesn’t have a title so you can’t have{{ tag.title }}. Tags are attributes of products and collections but if you use {{ collection.tags }} you are going to get a list of all the tags associated with the collection, which is not what we want. The function to use is : –

{{ current_tags }}

And voila this will output the current tag which you can use as a title by wrapping it in some <h2> tags or what ever you want. Nice and simple when you know how.

8 Hi-Res Very Distressed Grunge Textures

Hi-Res Textures for Designers

Hi-Res Textures for Designers

Extreme Underground Grunge Posters

Here are 8 free grunge poster textures. The images were taken on underground tube stations in London . I just loved the ultra distressed look of the many layers of posters and thought they’d make quite useful textures so here they are. You can download the hi res versions in 2 zip files at the bottom of the previews. Enjoy.

  • blank_grunge
  • camden184
  • cert15
  • royal_opera_la

Download Grunge posters part 1

  • ry_museum
  • undly_satisfying
  • young_british

Download Grunge posters part 2