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WordPress Typography Test

About a week ago I came across two great articles on the Themeshaper website, The Ultimate WordPress Theme Test and Hide all your links.  If you develop WordPress themes or do any web design I suggest you read them. I just loved the idea of getting rid of everything from your theme so you can concentrate on what is important; the content. And as the the content of most blogs is primarily delivered in text, good typography is at the heart of every good blog and every great theme. You can simply add a bit of css to your style sheet when developing your theme as suggested in the articles or you can use this plugin to add and remove the css dynamically.

The wpdc Typography Tester plugin simply add 2 buttons to the bottom of your page (when an administrator is logged in). Simply click the first button to hide everything in your theme except the main content. Click the next button to put all the other stuff back.

Download: wpdc Typography Tester

Installation instructions:

  1. Download and extract the plugin
  2. Upload the wpdc_typog_tester folder to your plugins directory eg. /wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate the plugin in the plugins section of you admin page
  4. When you visit your blog as and admin you’ll have two buttons at the bottom of your browser window which will turn the typography tester on and off.


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