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Shopify : The current tag as a title


Using tags in Shopify to create nested navigation is a greatĀ  way to help customers find products but once they’ve browsed to the tag page you need to let your customersĀ  know what they’re looking at. A collection has the following property for this : –

{{ product.title }}

That works well for collections but tags are slightly different firstly a tag doesn’t have a title so you can’t have{{ tag.title }}. Tags are attributes of products and collections but if you use {{ collection.tags }} you are going to get a list of all the tags associated with the collection, which is not what we want. The function to use is : –

{{ current_tags }}

And voila this will output the current tag which you can use as a title by wrapping it in some <h2> tags or what ever you want. Nice and simple when you know how.