I Love Burgers

That’s right, I love burgers and I’m not talking about McDonald’s or Burger King. I Love the ubiquitous little 3 line icon a the top right or top left of loadsĀ of mobile and desktop apps. The thing is, a lot of people hate burgers, even more than Morgan Spurlock. I’ve read many post that say burgers are bad for engagement and conversion and even that the burger must die. So why is it still so use by still so unpopular?

It is not a burger!

Sorry to burst your bubble but those 3 little lines don’t represent a burger or a hot dog or any food substance, they are an item list or you might say, a menu! It’s pretty obvious when to you think about it just for a second. In fact I don’t think I ever saw them as a burger and the sooner we stop referring to them as a burger and maybe make them look just a little more like a list or a menu, then the soon we can all start using them without the fear of our user abandoning our web sites because they can’t navigate is and and have suddenly become strangely hungry.

How I saved the burger with sass

No biggie but I just made a single element menu icon with everyone favourite preprocessor sass. That’s right just include the sass mixin and then add to any anchor element with a simple @include menu-icon() . Guess what it doesn’t even look like a burger.

Don’t go any where i’ve just had an idea to create a single element Big Mac!!

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